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Quality and coherent science coverage is critical to any journalism beat,
as it plays into almost every aspect of daily life. Mine has helped win a
paper win state awards in California, has appeared in national magazines,
and is informed by graduate training in science journalism.


O R A C L E: The Oracle of Delphi may have been high on natural gasses when answering questions from some of the world's most important supplicants.

P I N O T : The ancient practice of viticulture goes high-tech.

T I R E S : How researchers are working to recycle tires, which has become a bit of a quandary.

M A C U L A R : UCSB researchers investigate cures for macular degeneration.

K I T T Y : A 20-year-old cat and its role in preventing depression.

P L A S T I C S : How researchers are aiming to join substances that essentially hate each other.